VISCOSPEED for next Generation HFFR-Compounds

Areas of application

VISCOSPEED in Aluminium Composite Panels (ACP)

higher processing speed and throughput

VISCOSPEED in Cable Compounds

efficient processing combined with flame retardancy

VISCOSPEED in TPO Roofing Membranes

extremely filled concentrates to convey anti-dripping behaviour

VISCOSPEED in Semi-Conductive Compounds

causes better strippabilty and conductivity

Mode of action

Improved wetting of natural milled flame retardant filler
VISCOSPEED works as excellent processing aid for highly filled composites based on Aluminiumhydroxide (ATH), Magnesiumhydroxide (MDH), talc and Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3).
By using VISCOSPEED the viscosity of the composite is reduced. Simultaneously, overheating in the extrusion process is decreased. This is due to an optimal dispersion of filler aggregates into very fine particles. By this, significantly higher processing speeds, even at very high mineral loadings and an optimal flame retardancy is obtained.



One of our most important customers for ACP was able to further increase, their already very high, MDH content, by using VISCOSPEED. Having similar processability, the new panel was more cost-efficient and achieved better flame retardant properties with PCS<9 MJ/kg.

Thanks to extensive study of VISCOSPEED in different cable compounds, INNOSPEC found a way to completely avoid aluminium hydroxide (ATH) in CPR compliant sheathing compounds. With the suitable polymer components and the optimal dispersion of natural magnesium hydroxide (MDH) by VISCOSPEED, mechanical and flame retardant properties were suited for EN 50399 regulation. The main results of these studies were published in the October 2020 issue of the Compounding World magazine. The results of our study were published in Compounding World in October 2020.

One of our customers producing concentrates for TPO roofing membranes, is able to considerably increase the MDH content and at the same time maintain processability. VISCOSPEED helped to achieve an increase of 12 % towards 82 % MDH-content. The increased filler content had a big impact to lower compound cost and additionally optimized flame retardant properties for the end- user.

"VISCOSPEED is a versatile additive, which has achieved positive results in all my studies. That is why it is now a permanent part of my development work for new formulations for halogen-free flame retardant compounds. In most cases, VISCOSPEED brings the decisive advantage.
VISCOSPEED is really a perfect additive for my development."

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VISCOSPEED is a special polar polymer with waxy-like properties, designed to optimize the processing of halogen-free flame retardant (HFFR) compounds.

In opposite to other processing aids VISCOSPEED does not cause a decrease in flame retardancy. In fact it is able to optimize flame retardant performance. Moreover, VISCOSPEED acts as internal lubricant and yields a more homogeneous melt.

VISCOSPEED is able to destroy flame retardant filler aggregates into primary particles and enables an efficient dispersion of the filler, causing a more efficient flame retardancy. Furthermore, due to its special composition, VISCOSPEED is able to interact with the inorganic filler to improve char formation and ultimately the anti-dripping behaviour. This is especially important for non-polar base polymers.

Depending on the application and special formulation, VISCOSPEED is used in different concentrations from 0.5 to 3 percent. Get in touch with us to get a recommendation for your formulation.

VISCOSPEED is available as dust-free powder of a mean particle size of 0.5 mm or granules (mean particle size of 4 mm).

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Dr. Christoph Bornschein

Business Development Manager

2019 collection

Learn more about VISCOSPEED and how it works in the October 2020 issue of Compounding World.